Cleaning Ice System for Commercial  Ice Hygiene Applications

Model: EOS7210-I


Removals Bacteria & Viruses


Removal & Prevention

Can Save 80%

Labor & Chemical Costs

Clean Ice System

CIS1800 is a simple solution to reduce harmful pathogens and prevent biofilm growth in ice machines. This automatic ice machine protection system will ensure a first-class level of hygiene that no has been tested or certified.

This compact device is designed to be easily integrated with most ice machines with under 1000lbs a day production capacity ice machines. The continuous ozone disinfection process reduces required chemical cleaning saving time, money, and the environment.

Disinfect Water in Machine

Fully Automatic

Inspired by Nature

OSHA Standard

Pure Ozone Water




Ozonated Water Solutions

For Healthcare

For Beverage

For Catering

3rd Party Lab Approved

Test Report & Research

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CIS1800 harm my ice maker?

If installed corrrectly, no, it will not harm the ice maker.

Do I still have to manually clean my ice maker?

When starting with a clean or new machine the CIS1800 will prevent biofilm build-up reducing the frequency of manual cleaning.

What size icemakers can CIS1800 handle?

Any ice maker, flaker, and or cuber up to 1800lbs.

What does ozone do to the gaskets and other rubber parts?

Like all other oxidizers, ozone will make gasket material and rubber more brittle over time. Please pay attention to these materials and replace them when needed to avoid leaks in your ice maker.

Is the ice safe consume with ozone?

Yes, when the water freezes the ozone quicly reverts to oxyen.

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