Water Disinfection System for Commercial Hygiene Applications

Model: EOS7177-PQ

5 seconds

sanitizer rate


removals bacteria & viruses


No matter how much you use

Water Disinfection System

The WDS applies a revolutionary electrolysis technology that can convert your regular tap water into anti-bacterial sanitizing wash water. The system is designed for easy integration into existing piping offering on-demand and instant sanitation from your tap water. It works to protect against pathogens without using hazardous chemicals.

The WDS is ideal for environments where there is a risk of microbial contamination like HORECA, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, offices, public toilets, schools, and kindergartens.

Electrolysis technology

High Concentration

Instant Start

Simple Installation

Tested and Approved



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Private Club Kitchen


Mall Parking Garage

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3rd Party Lab Approved

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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ozone water affect the taste of food?

No, WDS will not change the pH of the source water, as long as the tap water is neutral water, BioSure produces neutral ozonated water, and it will be reduced to oxygen and water after sanitation. Therefore, it will not remain like chlorine disinfectant and affect the taste of food.

What ozone concentration is effective for handwashing?

WDS has been tested by SGS using 2ppm ozonated water to wash hands, which can achieve a sanitation rate of 99.99% within 30 seconds.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

In the USA ozone water is GRAS certified, so generally recognized as safe, so it may cause mild irritation to sensitive areas but is considered safe. Each country and region have different rules so please check with your local regulator.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

BioSure Professional ozonated water is been approved by the third party lab SGS that it won’t cause any irrtation of human skin and mouth.

What can you wash with the WDS?

According to third-party laboratory reports, ozonated water doesn’t cause skin irritation and doesn’t corrode stainless steel surfaces, so it is very suitable for disinfecting kitchen utensils, kitchen knives, and hand hygiene. In addition, ozone water can also be used to remove odors. ozone water can help remove pathogens from seafood and other meats. Produce rinsing, and sanitation is enhanced by ozone water as well as it helps the degradation of pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

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