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Ozone for Yachts and Maritime Applications 

Yacht owners can spend hours, days or even weeks at a time at sea, often traveling with friends, loved ones, and business partners.There are challenges with keeping water potable during these trips, and consuming unclean water can cause bacteria buildup and unforeseen illnesses. 

Ozone water cleaning outcomes are far superior to traditional disinfection methods. An Electrolytic Ozone Generator (EOG) can be installed on-ship, removing the need for large chemical bottles to be stored.

These patented ozonated water systems are small, light, and easy to install as they are connected directly to water lines on the boat. The electrolytic method used by BES produces the highest ozone concentration in the ozone industry.

Ozonated water protects yacht owners and their passengers from falling ill due to unhygienic conditions in drinking water, tap water, and on surfaces. Furthermore, ozone water is safer for the environment as it reverts back to oxygen after use, ensuring that no chemical traces enter the ocean.

Over time, ozonated water saves yacht owners thousands of dollars in chemical sanitizing agents, plus the trouble of loading the boat with vats of chemicals. This also removes the safety concerns of storing flammable chemicals on board.

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How Ozone Water is Used on Yachts and Maritime Applications

Ozone water for General Surface Sanitation on Yachts

Bacteria and microorganisms are all around us, and it’s possible for potentially contaminated bacteria and viruses to survive on surfaces for long periods of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more alert to the fact that viruses can spread quickly. 

Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as a natural sanitizer. According to a report by researchers at Nara University in Japan, ozonated water can even neutralize the virus host of COVID-19, preventing potential contact infection. 

Using ozone water for surface sanitation around a yacht removes the need for dangerous chemical disinfectants. Ozone water cleaning acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and is 50 times more effective. 

After the ozone water treatment process, it simply reforms into oxygen molecules without emitting any harmful by-products. This means that yacht owners can use ozone water to clean surfaces without having to worry about breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. 

The BioSure Ozone Spray Bottle Pro (OSB) is perfect for disinfecting surfaces in washrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms in yachts. It is a simple, rechargeable ozone water machine that uses an advanced electrolytic oxidation process to convert tap water into dissolved ozonated water

This creates an instant, chemical-free sanitizer. Ozone water sprayed on surfaces is safe to use and kills harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, and E. coli.

Ozone water for food preparation on yachts

A dirty kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria growth, and yachts are no exception. A clean galley and food preparation area is essential for keeping yacht owners and other guests healthy.  The Center for Disease Control states that unwashed or inadequately cleaned food is a haven for viruses, bacteria, parasites, and toxins. 

According to a recent report by the CDC, approximately 17% or 48 million Americans fall ill from foodborne illnesses each year, leading to an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. Any foodborne illness could become serious if travelers fall ill on a yacht trip, as there are often limited medical facilities available while out at sea.

Chemicals such as chlorine have traditionally been used to sanitize food, however it is inconvenient and even dangerous to store chlorine aboard a yacht. 

Ozone water is a strong oxidant that does not change the taste or smell of food. It leaves no chemical residues that are harmful to our bodies, making it a safe alternative to chlorine. Furthermore, ozone water does not use heat to disinfect so it is safer for food handlers to use. 

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards has deemed ozone as safe to be applied as a sanitation solution, and it was approved for food contact by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2001. BioSure Professional has received approval from the UK’s leading food lab Campden BRI, proving that ozone performance is as effective as chemical sanitation methods.

Ozone water for drinking water sanitation on a yacht

Yacht owners should implement a water sanitization system while on longer voyages. Potable water on a yacht is often made through a process known as reverse osmosis of seawater. However, this water is still prone to bacteria growth once it is desalinated. 

Treating desalinated potable water with ozone via an ozone water system instantly eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and microbes, leaving no chemical residue. The ozonated water simply reverts into oxygen and evaporates back into the air after the process.

Installing a BioSure waterline system from BES reduces the risk of illness from drinking water that has passed through dirty pipes. Furthermore, ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and is 50 times more effective. Ozone also protects water lines from biofilm growth eliminating mold and bacterial growth.

Ozone water for ballast system sanitation

A ballast system holds water in tanks or the cargo holds of ships. It provides stability of the boat during a voyage when they are not carrying cargo, not carrying heavy cargo, or when rough seas dictate the need for increased stability onboard. These tanks are often susceptible to bacteria buildup which can cause odors or harmful microorganism growth. 

Recently, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) issued a ballast water management guide for yachts. They are now required to comply with the IMO International Convention for the Control and management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention), requiring an approved ballast water management system. 

An Ozone Water Disinfection System (WDS) converts regular tap water into anti-bacterial sanitizing water, removing dangerous pollutants from water lines. An ozone water treatment is also better for the environment as it evaporates into oxygen rather than emitting harmful byproducts.


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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

BioSure Professional produces ozonated water or aqueous ozone? Does it comply with international off-gas safety standards?

BioSure products use electrolytic, both direct and through PEM generation, to seamlessly create ozonated water directly from the water. Ozonated water is a dissolution of gas and water. The ozone gas is contained in the water. Yes, BioSure products comply with international off-gas standards and are safe to use in ventilated spaces.

Most ozone generators require frequent air quality treatment to maintain their performance. Why doesn't BioSure Professional need to monitor air quality?

BioSure and BES products use patented electrolytic ozone generation that uses water as the input to create the ozone. In this way, BioSure and BES products do not need to monitor air quality.

Does ozone water affect the taste of food?

No, the BioSure professional ozone water system will not change the pH of the source water, as long as the tap water is neutral water, BioSure produces neutral ozonated water, and it will be reduced to oxygen and water after sanitation. Therefore, it will not remain like chlorine disinfectant and affect the taste of food.

Ozonated water vs chemical disinfectant solution. Why is the concentration of aqueous ozone important? What concentration of ozonated water is right for my operation?

Ozonated water is highly oxidative, roughly 1ppm of ozonated water has the same oxidizing power as 50ppm of chlorine-based disinfectants. Your concentration of ozonated water is determined for your application. Please speak with a BioSure representative or a BioSure certified technician to determine your need.

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