Turning Water into Electrolytic Ozone

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Rapid Bactericidal, Cost Saving, Chemical-free, Easy to Operate

Ozone Spray Bottle Pro

”By using BioSure Ozone Spray Bottle Pro, 99.99% of the new Coronavirus (covid-19) can be inactivated rapidly, as tested by Nara Medical University, Japan.”

Water Disinfection System

The system is designed for easy integration into existing piping offering on-demand and instant sanitation from your tap water.

Space Sanitizer System Plus

The ozone gas is safely mixed and misted into the environment for air and surface sanitation. 


Endless Disinfection Performance

BioSure Professional ozone disinfection products are all developed based on the revolutionary BES electrolytic ozone generation technologies. BioSure Professional was established by Gavin Hsu in 2004. Besides its advanced technology of air quality independence, BioSure Professional products are designed to operate easily by anyone. It is a user-friendly interface and easy to maintain.

Core Tech

Advanced Ozone Technology

Our Electrolytic Ozone Generator (“EOG”) is capable of producing High Purity Ozone up to 28wt% from water effectively & efficiently and is completely independent to air quality and humidity.


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Professional Cleaning

Food Safety

Ice & Beverage


Professional Laundry


Ozone Sanitation Solutions For Professionals

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