Ozone Keeps the Beer Fresh and Safe to Drink for a Bar Chain in Europe


A beer bar chain in Europe serves thousands of customers a day. These customers go to enjoy the fresh beer that comes out of the tap, rather than bottled or canned beer — which has a distinct“preserved” flavor to it. But there are challenges to maintaining freshness and safety standards in the fresh tap beer that these bars serve every day.


The problem with serving beer on tap is keeping the beer fresh and the beer tap system sanitized and bacteria-free. Bacteria are prone to grow on beer tap faucets, as beer is a target for bacteria more than many other beverages thanks to the high sugar content in the beer coming from the wheat and hops. Bacteria love to feed on this, making continuous disinfection of beer lines necessary for every bar manager. Bar staff usually disinfect beer lines by letting out the rest of the beer and then injecting chemical cleaning agents to disinfect the beer lines. Then they use tap water to flush the chemicals, but they can’t be sure that all chemical residue is removed. This is a danger to customers. If bars do not clean these beer lines well, customers can get sick or be hospitalized.


By implementing the Beer Line Disinfection System (BLDS) by BioSure, the bar chain was able to automate the disinfection of their beer lines among all of their branches using ozonated water. The BLDS uses patented Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG) to produce high-concentration ozone from water, ensuring safe beer in the most efficient and affordable way to customers. Once the ozonated water disinfects the beer line, it reverts to oxygen without leaving chemical residuals as chlorine does. The now clean-and-clear beer line is ready to serve beer without toxins or chemical residuals. The BioSure system takes only eight minutes to complete. Because the process produces no chemicals, the BLDS can sanitize beer lines multiple times a day without interrupting the beverage supply or stopping from serving customers. It’s also cost-effective as it only needs minimal water and electricity consumption. Therefore, it is one of the most affordable and safe disinfection options, offering a quick return on investment to bar owners.


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