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Professional or industrial laundry is laundry on a large scale for institutions and businesses that require a constant supply of clean linen, towels, uniforms, or bathrobes. Professional laundry may be conducted either in-house or off-site by professional laundry companies. Regardless of industry, staff should adhere to best practices when handling soiled linen or textiles.

High ozone concentration water is a natural oxidant that disinfects quickly and efficiently. Using Ozone water treatment for laundry disinfects and reduces the risk of spreading infectious microorganisms that are found on soiled clothing and linen. Using ozone to sanitize fabric lowers the survival rate of pathogens on cleaning supplies. It also kills dangerous microorganisms and helps eliminate mildew in washing machines.

A recent study from Nara Medical University in Japan has proven that ozonated water from BES ozone water generators can neutralize the COVID-19 virus host on surfaces. Professional laundry services that use ozonated water can provide protection against the virus that has infected millions and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide.

Improves Effluent Quality

Sanitizes In All Cycles

Shorter Drying Times

Enhances Chemical Performance


Reduces Water & Energy Use

Improves Washing Results

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How Ozone Water Works 

How Ozone Water Works for Professional Laundry

Ozonated water for laundromats

Laundramats offer coin-operated washing machines for use by the general public. Due to the amount of laundry washed daily, there is a high risk of bacteria build up in laundromat machines.

An Ozone Water Disinfection System (WDS) is ideal for use in laundromats that face heavy use every day. Ozone water treatment for laundry businesses such as laundromats improves washing results while keeping laundry machines mold and mildew free.

The Ozone Water System (OWS) series unit simply connects to the existing water line, turning tap water into an effective and safe sanitation solution that can be integrated into multiple washers.

Ozonated water for Laundry in Hospitality

The hospitality industry requires a high amount of laundry washing every day. Hotel laundry, for example, may include towels, bed linen pillows, and bathrobes, and must be washed after visitors check out. The COVID-19 pandemic means that hotel guests are increasingly concerned about the safety and cleanliness of hotel linen.

The Association of Linen Management states that it has received hundreds of inquiries from the hospitality industry relating to hotel textiles and how to keep both hotel laundry and housekeeping staff safe for guests.

Ozone water for laundry in healthcare

Hospital laundry ranges from bed sheets and blankets, to surgical uniforms and drapes. Contaminated linen and fabrics in hospitals can carry significant amounts of pathogenic microorganisms from bodily fluids such as blood, skin, urine, and vomit.

Adequate cleaning of such items is vital to prevent the spread of infection. Bacteria such as Salmonella spp., Bacillus cereus, viruses such as hepatitis B, fungi such as Microsporum canis, and ectoparasites such as scabies are known to have been transmitted from contaminated linen and textiles to workers either by direct handling or contaminated particles entering the air from sorting through soiled items.

Ozone water for Professional Laundry

Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as a natural sanitizer. Sanitization using ozone removes the need for dangerous chemical disinfectants, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sanitization products. Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and is 50 times more effective. After the sanitization process ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules, without emitting any harmful by-products.

Electrolytic ozonated water generators from BES Group are highly recommended by commercial laundry experts. The ozone sanitizing generators can instantly produce a stabilized high concentration of dissolved ozonated water while ensuring no ozone leakage. This ensures user safety while using ozone water to sanitize equipment indoors without having an adverse effect on their health.

Ozone water for Nursing Homes

Although it’s nice to think that everyone practices proper hand washing after visiting the restroom, the reality is that many people forget to use soap or to disinfectant. COVID-19 or other viruses can spread rapidly if one virus carrier forgets to properly disinfect their hands and then touches the restroom door handle or other surfaces.

Washing hands with ozone water from an ozone water system can kill bacteria and remove the need for disinfection. As ozonated water is odorless, restroom users would be unaware of this powerful ozone water sanitation system.

Is Ozone Suitable for Professional Laundry? 

Ozone Water Treatment Advantages for Professional Laundry

Professional laundry services often use hazardous and potentially harmful chemical products for cleaning, however, ozonated water has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for green and sustainable laundry businesses that don’t put employees or the environment at risk.


Safety is always a major concern for those working in professional laundry businesses. Exposure to chemical cleaners may adversely affect the health of employees overtime. The best way to improve workplace safety is by using ozonated water, which is up to 100 times safer than any other chemical disinfectant.
Ozonated water is odor-free, meaning that employees will not become sick from strong odors or inhaling harmful chemical byproducts. Furthermore, as ozonated water is a liquid that reverts back to oxygen within minutes it is safe for use by asthma sufferers.

Ozone Water vs. Bleach Disinfection

The disinfectant properties of ozonated water are often compared with bleach. However, ozonated water does not leave behind harmful chemical residues or unpleasant odors. In fact, ozonated water is used to eliminate odors in the air. Its robust oxidation properties mean it can quickly kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. One ppm of chlorine at water level with a ph of 7 would require a dwell time of 75 minutes whereas 1 ml of ozonated water under the same conditions would require only 57 minutes.


Recurring expenses cleaning laundry may include chemicals, soap, and disinfectants. Staff also need protective apparel such as gloves and overalls when handling soiled linen. This accumulates over time, leading to significant costs for professional laundry businesses.

Ozonated water is a cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical products as it does not require any special gear or equipment – only the one-off purchase of an ozone generator.

BioSure Professional series equipment helps professional laundry services for hospitals, laundromats, and the hospitality industry saves energy and direct and indirect costs by using commercial laundry solutions (CLS) for cold wash series equipment through energy-efficient ozonation solutions. Ozone treatment for laundry provides safer disinfection and deodorization to hospitals, hotels, and laundromats.

Environmentally Friendly

Waste chemical products often end up in our sewage lines and rivers, causing irreversible damage to plants and wildlife. There is an increasing focus on green cleaning practices, which emphasizes the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaners that do not pollute the air, water, or land. Furthermore, laundry services require a high amount of water and energy – two scarce but highly sought-after resources.

Using the Ozone Water Disinfection System from BioSure reduces energy consumption by 86 – 90%. Furthermore, as the O₃ (ozone) molecule fails to maintain its chemical bond at room temperature, ozonated water reverts back to its regular, harmless form after reaction, returning pure water into the environment.


Ozone Sanitation Solutions For Professionals

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

BioSure Professional produces ozonated water or aqueous ozone? Does it comply with international off-gas safety standards?

BioSure products use electrolytic, both direct and through PEM generation, to seamlessly create ozonated water directly from the water. Ozonated water is a dissolution of gas and water. The ozone gas is contained in the water. Yes, BioSure products comply with international off-gas standards and are safe to use in ventilated spaces.

Most ozone generators require frequent air quality treatment to maintain their performance. Why doesn't BioSure Professional need to monitor air quality?

BioSure and BES products use patented electrolytic ozone generation that uses water as the input to create the ozone. In this way, BioSure and BES products do not need to monitor air quality.

Ozonated water vs chemical disinfectant solution. Why is the concentration of aqueous ozone important? What concentration of ozonated water is right for my operation?

Ozonated water is highly oxidative, roughly 1ppm of ozonated water has the same oxidizing power as 50ppm of chlorine-based disinfectants. Your concentration of ozonated water is determined for your application. Please speak with a BioSure representative or a BioSure certified technician to determine your need.

EPA said good ozone up high and bad ozone nearby. After knowing the advantages of applying ozone water, can I use ozonated water indoor? What about NOx - a toxic by-product? What is BioSure Professional’s solution?

Yes, aqueous ozone is safe to use inside as long as the space is well ventilated. BES products do not use air as an input and therefore have no harmful waste by-products including NOx. BES uses patented electrolytic technology that produces ozone or ozonated water from water.

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