Space Sanitizer System Plus for Air & Space Hygiene Application

Model: EOS7190-P


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Space Sanitizer System Plus

The BioSure Professional SSS+ uses the most advanced electrolysis technology to convert water into high-purity ozone gas. The gas is safely mixed and misted into the environment for air and surface sanitation. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer and rapidly removes odors. After sanitation, there are no harmful chemical residues as ozone reverts back to oxygen.

The SSS+ provides a safe low-concentration ozone of 0.05 to 0.1 ppm, which complies with the OSHA occupational safety regulations of the United States and can help increase the environmental humidity to reduce the chance of droplet infection. This system is ideal for locations where there is a high risk of infection like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, offices, schools, kindergartens, HORECA businesses..etc.

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Is SSS+ is safe to be around indoor?

Yes, it is designed for people to be around indoors, the amount of misting ozone output is in compliance with OSHA international regulations and standards. The average concentration does not exceed 0.05ppm in a continuous working environment. We recommend using it in air-conditioned or ventilated spaces to meet various space applications.

Is SSS+ an ozone gas sanitaion machine?

SSS+ uses a safe concentration of ozone water mist, not ozone gas.

Is SSS+ is an air purifier?

No, SSS+ uses aqueous ozone mist to actively sanitize air and spaces.

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