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Why we are better

There are various types of ozone water sanitation systems. However electrolytic methods by BioSure are the latest evolution in ozonation technology, allowing for faster, more effective, and higher concentration ozone water solutions that have benefitted a number of industries including food and beverage, healthcare, dentistry, and industrial bottling.

BioSure revolutionary ozone technology

An Electrolytic Ozone Generator (EOG) from BES uses electrolytic technology to produce highly concentrated ozone water and high purity hydrogen. The EOG is revolutionary in the electrolysis of ozone from water.

Our deep understanding of the downsides to other oxidation methods helped us to create the EOG, and the result is far superior to existing water sanitation methods and chemical cleaners. In comparison to UV irradiation, ozonated water produced using the electrolytic method is highly effective at a lower concentration, meaning that this method is a time and cost effective way of producing ozone.  

The highly concentrated ozone water produced by the BES electrolytic ozone water purifier destroys bacteria and viruses, but is safe for human consumption. The electrolytic method does not release any toxic emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) during the oxidation process, which is harmful to humans and the environment. In fact, the only byproducts are water and hydrogen. The result is a user-friendly system that is suitable for household and professional applications.


Pure ozone generated at high concentrations

No feed gas preparation

No significant fluctuations in output

Low-voltage DC

No Nitric Oxides(NOx) & Nitrous Acid

Air quality & flow independent

Reduced equipment size & maintenance

Better mass transfer & treatment effeciency

How it Works

An electrolytic cell composed of water will split into oxygen and hydrogen gas, Hydrogen atoms are discharged at the cathode, while Oxygen atoms are generated on the anode interafce and polymerized into ozone molecules (28 wt%).

Ozone Technology

BES EOG Technology

BES Group Electrolytic Generator Technology

EOG technology generates ozone gas at high purity and requires only water and electricity. It produces more ozone gas with less energy, at a purity that is 400% more than the corona discharge method, and 900% or more than the ultraviolet light method. 

Electrolytic ozone is a highly effective method of creating ozone water. Regular tap water is charged with electricity, infusing it with ozone at a concentration of around 28% ppm.

This electrical current breaks the oxygen (O₂) molecules into oxygen atoms (O), allowing the free oxygen atoms to combine with oxygen molecules and form O₃.

This is a safer alternative to traditional ozone generators that use air, as emissions within water can be controlled and are not corrosive. 

Corona Discharge Method

Corona Discharge Method vs EOG patented technology

The corona discharge method works very similarly to how Ozone is created in our atmosphere.

By creating a spark of electrical energy just like a lightning bolt, Ozone is made. it requires a significant amount of electrical energy to create and cooling systems must be used to ensure that the temperatures are controlled. 

Over 70% of BioSure competitors use an air-based ozone method to sanitize water. Air-based ozone water generators use corona discharge to produce ozone, however they are dangerous due to the high voltage required to achieve the ozone process.

Corona discharge is harmful to humans and the environment as it releases toxic, corrosive emissions such as NOx — a known carcinogen.

As these emissions are released into the air, it is impossible to control the destruction they cause.

Ultraviolet Light Method

Ultraviolet Light Method vs EOG technology

Ultra Violet (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that uses a UV lamp to expose air or oxygen to photolysis of oxygen molecules to create ozone. UV irradiation is a well-known water treatment method due to its germicidal ability.

It kills germs by hitting them with the most energetic and dangerous type of UV light: UV-C. The downside to using UV irradiation is that it can only treat water-based bacteria and viruses, meaning that it is most suitable for industrial use. It is not effective enough to purify water for drinking purposes. 

Furthermore, UV irradiation only disinfects a small area of water which loses effectiveness over time. It is highly dangerous to humans and can increase the risk of skin cancer if it is exposed directly on skin. It is a slow process that is ineffective and costly in comparison to other water sanitation methods.

Benefits of Electrolytic Ozonated Water

The benefits of ozone water are clear. Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful oxidizing agents that actively removes pollutants from water, making ozone water systems suitable for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. It is highly versatile and commonly used as a disinfectant for food, professional laundry services, and water lines in hospitals and nursing homes.

Safe to Use

Ozonated water is odor-free and does not emit any harmful gases, meaning that users will not become sick from strong odors or inhaling harmful chemical byproducts. Ozone water cleaning reverts back to oxygen within minutes, meaning it is also safe for use by asthma sufferers. Using ozone water as a disinfectant is safer as it is non-toxic and up to 100 times safer than any other chemical cleaner.

Effective Disinfectant Properties

The disinfectant properties of ozonated water are often compared with bleach. However, one benefit of ozonated water is that it does not leave behind harmful chemical residues or unpleasant odors. In fact, an ozone water system is used to eliminate odors in the air, and its robust oxidation properties means it can quickly kill germs, bacteria and viruses. 


Electrolytic ozone generation is more cost-effective than other sanitation methods such as UV radiation or air-based ozone generators. Using ozone water as a disinfectant removes recurring expenses for cleaning materials such as bleach, chemicals, mops, and safety equipment. Ozonated water is a cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical products as it does not require any special gear or equipment – only the one-off purchase of an ozone generator. 

Environmentally Friendly

There is an increasing focus on environmentally friendly cleaning approaches that do not pollute the air, water, or land. Electrolytic Ozone Water Generators do not emit any toxic byproducts such as NOx into the environment during the oxidation process. Furthermore as the O₃ (ozone) molecule fails to maintain its chemical bond at room temperature, ozonated water treatment reverts back to its regular, harmless form after reaction, returning pure water into the environment.

BES EOG Technology Corona Discharge Method Ultraviolet Light Method
Instant High Purity Ozone x x
Continuous High Purity Ozone x x
Consistent Output Under Different Conditions x x
No Nitrogen Oxides x
High Penetration x
Low Maintenance Frequency x x
Consumables Consumption x
ozone concentration of BES group EOG patented technology

Only water is needed to make ozone, with low energy consumption.


Electrolysis efficiency is not affected by air quality with no desiccant required.


Does not produce nitrogen oxides NOx.


Can work for a long period of time with stable electrolysis efficiency and with no additional electrolytes needed.


Produces 28% high purity ozone gas and 72% oxygen.


Titanium alloy casing and high-strength anti-oxidation material.


Uses a nano platinum catalyst and US DuPont special proton to create an exchange membrane, we achieve a longer product lifespan compared to the industry standard.


A patented free-laying technology means no risk of hot spot damage and the unique design, improving on current membrane electrode (PEM) technology.

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

BioSure Professional produces ozonated water or aqueous ozone? Does it comply with international off-gas safety standards?

BioSure products use electrolytic, both direct and through PEM generation, to seamlessly create ozonated water directly from the water. Ozonated water is a dissolution of gas and water. The ozone gas is contained in the water. Yes, BioSure products comply with international off-gas standards and are safe to use in ventilated spaces.

Most ozone generators require frequent air quality treatment to maintain their performance. Why doesn't BioSure Professional need to monitor air quality?

BioSure Professional products use patented electrolytic ozone generation that uses water as the input to create the ozone. In this way, BioSure products do not need to monitor air quality.

Ozonated water vs chemical disinfectant solution. Why is the concentration of aqueous ozone important? What concentration of ozonated water is right for my operation?

Ozonated water is highly oxidative, roughly 1ppm of ozonated water has the same oxidizing power as 50ppm of chlorine-based disinfectants. Your concentration of ozonated water is determined for your application. Please speak with a BioSure representative or a BioSure certified technician to determine your need.

EPA said good ozone up high and bad ozone nearby. After knowing the advantages of applying ozone water, can I use ozonated water indoor? What about NOx - a toxic by-product? What is BioSure Professional’s solution?

Yes, Ozone water is safe to use inside as long as space is well ventilated. BioSure products do not use air as an input and therefore have no harmful waste by-products including NOx. BioSure uses patented electrolytic technology that produces ozone or ozonated water from water.

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