Compact Disinfection Unit / Motion-censer Faucet (optional)

effective, safe, and environmentally friendly sanitation solution  for dental hygiene applications

Model: EOS7131-CD


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Compact Disinfection Unit /
Motion-censer Faucet (optional)

Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG) is a novel technology that produces pure ozone from water instead of gaseous air or oxygen.

Introduced by BES Group in 1988, EOG (Electrolytic Ozone Generation) is a unique process that includes a built-in pure water preparation system for the EOG module in our systems to enable them to work in almost any conditions as long as tap water resources and electricity supply are available.

EOG is an effective and beneficial solution for small to medium commercial-scale applications without inherent disadvantages with conventional ozone processes that rely on air or oxygen preparation.

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Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ozone water cause oral irritation?

According to the dentist’s sharing: It is milder than the mouthwash used by general periodontal patients. We also have an SGS cytotoxicity test, and the results will not cause human skin irritation.

It is too good to be true after knowing how BioSure Professional can help me improve the safety and sanitation of my dentist clinic. Any international references?

 Yes, BES products are trusted around the world please ask your local distributor or a BES representative for application-specific references.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

BioSure Professional ozonated water is been approved by the third party lab SGS that it won’t cause any irrtation of human skin and mouth.

What are the benefits of ozone water?

There are many bacteria in the mouth, such as anaerobic bacteria, and ozonated water is effective at sanitation, also reduces oral odor.

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