BioSure Provides Safe Ice and Beverages to a Major Tea Chain


A large Asian tea shop chain has most of its tea shops located in the mid to South Asia region. They serve a variety of iced tea beverages at low prices that bring cool relief to customers in these hot and humid areas. The chain is expanding, quickly becoming one of the most well-known tea franchises in Asia and the world.


In Summer, the monsoon season in the region starts and the heat and humidity mean bacteria take over the teashop’s beverage water lines as they pump sweet and sugar-filled beverages that bacteria love. Water sources go through a filtration process to remove chemicals like chlorine before customers drink the tea. But bacteria can easily grow in this post-filtration water. The tea shops also need to collect post-filtration water in large containers for storage — with still water being another place that bacteria grows. The local government regularly inspects the ice in tea shops and measures the level of bacteria in the ice. Government regulators recently inspected each location for bacteria and most of the chains didn’t pass. To fight bacteria, staff had been washing the ice machine every week and doing a deep clean of the machines once a month.


The tea chain reached out to BioSure. They installed BioSure’s Ice Disinfection System (IDS) units in each of their tea shops which number in the hundreds. The system uses ozonated water to automate the ice disinfection process. Aside from bacteria in the ice, staff also realized there was biofilm buildup in the beverage water lines. So they installed BioSure’s PFDS units to eliminate biofilm in water lines and water containers. Now, staff has been able to free their time to serve customers better and create delicious beverages, rather than running disinfection processes to their numerous machines. The cost savings are immense, as manpower is freed up and there’s no need to store and mix dangerous chemical sanitizers. Both staff and customers are benefiting from the new ozonated water systems from BioSure.

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