Preventing Food-borne Illnesses with Ozone Sanitation for the Kitchen

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses with Ozone Sanitation for the Kitchen

A clean kitchen is essential for keeping your food clean and maintaining your family’s health. According to the Center for Disease Control, viruses, harmful bacteria — including E. coli – parasites, harmful pesticides, toxins, metals, prions, and other harmful chemicals cause more than 200 known diseases that are transmitted through food. We cook, eat, chat, and hang around the kitchen every day, so kitchen hygiene is the single most important factor in preventing the growth of common food pathogens that lead to food-borne illnesses. And now, with COVID-19, a safe and reliable sanitation system is even more important in preventing our loved ones and ourselves from getting sick. Sanitizing our home kitchens needs to become a first-order priority. 

Those looking for a sanitation solution for their home kitchen might think dousing their stainless steel sinks and faucets with harsh chemicals such as chlorine are the way to go. However, there’s a much better option that works more efficiently and doesn’t leave any chemical residue. Ozone and ozonated water is a sanitation technology that has been used to disinfect and clean water for over a hundred years. Ozonized water has been used predominantly in Europe and Asia, but thanks to developments in electrolytic ozone generator technology, it’s gaining greater appeal in the US and East Asia as a perfect, chemical-free disinfection and sanitizing solution for homes and central kitchens.

Benefits of Ozonated Water for the Home Kitchen

Ozonated water does not add any chemicals to the water (as with chlorination), meaning that the surfaces, the cooking utensils, and even the hands that come into contact with it are not exposed to harmful chemicals or even traces of chemicals — an especially important issue for those with skin conditions. With ozonated water, you can disinfect and sanitize leaving only safe and harmless oxygen as a byproduct.

How Ozonated Water Works

Ozone is a reactive gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. The gas will readily degrade back to oxygen, and during this process, a free oxygen atom will form that will be highly reactive against bacteria and viruses, including nasty things like E. coli, and pesticide residue. Compared to chlorine or other harmful chemicals, ozone treatment works faster and more effectively in sanitizing. In addition, ozone’s high oxidation potential and its incredible oxidizing properties work against concentrations of iron, manganese, and sulfur, and fight or eliminate unpleasant odors, making it effective in keeping kitchen odors from traveling to other parts of the home.

In the past, generation systems that made ozonized water used dated methods. Years ago, a select few would buy an ozone generator box with ozone water filters or an ozone kitchen faucet; expensive machinery that required hiring trained specialists to install them. Now, hygiene-minded homeowners can easily install a Waterline Sanitation System (WSS) that adds to existing water lines in home kitchens. These devices, also referred to as electrolytic ozone generators, work by injecting ozone into the water of tap water with the push of a button, which then kills bacteria, viruses, biofilm, and more dangerous particles within seconds.

Ozone for Hand Washing

Home cooks and professional chefs have a responsibility to keep what we eat clean. And it starts with handwashing. Handwashing with ozonated water is a safe and effective way to prevent bacteria and viruses from ending up in our food. Sprays with 75% alcohol are currently the go-to choice for many, but they leave a pungent odor in the air, and inhaling alcohol can be harmful to us over time. Instead of using 75% alcohol spray after washing your hands, you can use ozonated water. It brings the same result without the harsh chemicals. With COVID-19 a major health threat for the foreseeable future, homeowners can integrate ozone water systems for hand washing in their home kitchens and keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Ozone Spray for the Home Kitchen

Although ozonated water has numerous advantages over chemical cleaning methods like chlorine, some homeowners may prefer to use ozone spray to spray and wipe down potentially contaminated surfaces. Ozone spray bottles, like the Biolux handheld Mobile Ozone Spray (MOS), are a new, handheld solution. It’s a simple, rechargeable bottle that uses an advanced electrolytic oxidation process to convert tap water into dissolved ozonated water…making for an instant, chemical-free sanitizer. The MOS allows you to effortlessly spray down and instantly sanitize any utensil, countertop, table, or surface. As with all ozonation processes, it’s effective, safe, and environmentally friendly, and quickly and thoroughly kills bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing microorganisms (organic and inorganic). It also kills pathogens in foods that can lead to illnesses, including Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, and E. coli. 

BES MOS for Even Easier Kitchen Sanitation

The BES’s Mobile Ozone Sprayer (MOS) can be used to disinfect produce, cooking utensils, cutting boards, and other tools and surfaces that come in contact with food. The MOS is easy to use. Once the sprayer is charged, fill it with tap water and it’s ready. Push the ozone generator button on the bottle and quick, easy, and instant sanitation for your kitchen is in the palm of your hand. It’s safe for rinsing food as ozonated water does not leave any chemical residue. The MOS is safe for children to use and does not irritate the skin upon contact. It’s also great for deodorizing appliances and waste-causing smells; the odors that emanate from trash cans and kitchen garbage disposals. 

While chlorine and chemical sanitation methods have been used in the past, the threat of COVID-19 entering our homes means taking extra precautions. Using chemicals on a daily basis causes harm to you and your family over time. Thus, ozonated water technologies are a more healthy and environmental option.

As the kitchen is the focal point of your home. Care and cleanliness are essential. With BES’s full suite of electrolytic-powered technology home care products, you can cover all your sanitizing needs to keep your kitchen, and your family, safe, healthy, and happy.

BioSure Professional: Innovative technology built to work, and built to last

Biotek Environmental Science Ltd (BES Group) has been developing electrolytic technology to produce highly concentrated dissolved ozone and high purity hydrogen for both household and professional applications since the firm was established in 1988.

Our goal is to improve the environment that we live in by utilizing the benefits of our superior electrolytic technology. Our products are categorized into three categories and brands. Powered by BES® as an original design manufacturer, BioSure Professional® for commercial applications, and Biolux® for home. Contact us to learn more.

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