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How Ozone Water Works for Pet Grooming

Ozone water for Wash & sanitize

Dentists have a duty of care towards patients undergoing treatment. They are responsible for patient safety and the overall cleanliness of the dental practice, including medical devices and dental instruments.

Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as a natural sanitizer, and ozone water is suitable for cleaning dental instruments to ensure that harmful bacteria or viruses are removed before use. Ozone water does not leave behind any residue like common cleaners such as chlorine do, and any residual ozone will be converted back to oxygen within a short time.

Ozone water for Fluffy and quick-drying

The BES and BioSure ozonated water systems are suitable for individual water supplies in dental practices. High purity ozone dissolves in water up to 400 percent more effectively and efficiently than other ozone generation methods.

The resultant ozone is then dissolved into the water for treatment, where it reacts with unwanted contaminants and neutralizes them. A BioSure solution from BES ensures that individual dental water supplies are clean, helping to maintain a disinfected water system without relying on the use of harmful chemicals. 

BioSure systems are automated and no extra work is required to disinfect dental units. As ozonated water is pumped directly into the waterlines, dental staff can save time and effort on cleaning and filtering water. Ozone water treatment in dentistry helps the practice to save money on purchasing expensive cleaning chemicals. Over time, using chlorine can lead to biofilm buildup or leftover residue, which occurs when chlorine is not properly flushed out of water lines.

Ozone water for Intergretable with washing machine

Ozone water for oral health is an effective and economical sanitation method for disinfecting dental water lines and removing biofilm so they are ready for pre-rinsing — ensuring a germ-free surgical field and preventing oral infections. A hygienic dental surgery is paramount to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that patients and dental practice owners are increasingly concerned about the spread of viruses and potentially infectious particles. Installing a Biosure waterline system from BES significantly reduces this risk. Disinfecting dental practices with ozone water is 50 times more effective than traditional cleaning products such as chlorine, and is environmentally friendly without emitting any harmful by-products.

Several renowned dentists based in Australia are using the BioSure solution to disinfect dental waterlines, as well as using ozone water as part of a hygiene protocol to sanitize the room between surgical procedures — including wiping down surfaces and dental chairs. Dentists like having the option of controlling the water and solution used during dental surgery, and are aware of the important role that the water supply plays in promoting oral hygiene. Many are switching from using chemical tablets to ozonated water to remove biofilm from dental waterlines left behind by chemicals. 

Ozone water for hygenic environments and surface sanitation

Patient safety always takes priority during surgical procedures, however it is now particularly important amidst increased hygiene concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bacteria and microorganisms are all around us and it’s possible for contaminated bacteria and viruses to survive on surfaces for long periods of time. Hygiene is paramount, but disinfecting surfaces with traditional chemical cleaners such as chlorine may leave behind a harmful residue. Ozone water disinfection removes the need for dangerous chemical cleaners such as chlorine. Ozone water is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning products, and is perfect for use within dental practices.

Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and is 50 times more effective. After the sanitization process ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules, without emitting any harmful by-products. This means that dental staff can clean surfaces using ozone water without having to worry about breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. Using ozone water also reduces recurring costs for the dental practice, as there is no need to purchase expensive cleaning products.

The pandemic has made us more alert to the fact that viruses can spread quickly. According to Nara University in Japan, ozonated water can neutralize the virus host of Covid-19, preventing potential contact infection. There are many benefits of ozone water, especially for dental clincs.

Ozonated water for Reduce odors

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, and gargling with ozone water neutralizes anaerobic bacteria that causes strong odors and bad breath. There are also many benefits of ozone water for teeth.

Ozone water can prevent the onset or development of tooth decay which also causes unpleasant odors. Using ozone water for pre-rinsing also reduces costs for dental practices, as there is no need to purchase expensive mouth rinses.

Ozone water for risk reduction

BES Group is a leading manufacturer of electrolytic ozone generators that produce high-quality ozonated water. They use a patented membrane electrode electrolytic ozone generator (EOG) which utilizes an electrolytic method of ozone production, and produces the highest gas purity in the ozone industry. Ozone water reduces risks of bacteria spreading on surfaces, including medical devices.

The disinfectant properties of ozone mean that risk of oral infection is also reduced through using ozone water as a pre-rinse.


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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

BioSure Professional produces ozonated water or aqueous ozone? Does it comply with international off-gas safety standards?

BioSure products use electrolytic, both direct and through PEM generation, to seamlessly create ozonated water directly from the water. Ozonated water is a dissolution of gas and water. The ozone gas is contained in the water. Yes, BioSure products comply with international off-gas standards and are safe to use in ventilated spaces. 

I have installed the best water filtration system for my operation. Why is the beverage water still contaminated with microbes?

A great filtration system will result in great tasting water that is free of chemicals and sediments. The only issue is that when you remove the chlorine, which you don’t want to drink, your water becomes vulnerable to microbial infection. This is precisely where post-filtration disinfection with low levels of ozone is the perfect solution for safe microbe-free filtered water. 

Ozonated water vs chemical disinfectant solution. Why is the concentration of ozonated water important? What concentration of ozonated water is right for my operation?

Ozonated water is highly oxidative, roughly 1ppm of ozonated water has the same oxidizing power as 50ppm of chlorine-based disinfectants. Your concentration of ozonated water is determined for your application. Please speak with a BioSure representative or a BioSure certified technician to determine your need.

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