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  • make sanitation work easier & safer

  • have superior sanitation performance

  • fight pandemics with chemical-free sanitizer

  • reduce labor costs

  • eliminate chemical storage risk

  • get rid of chlorine-based sanitizer

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Please contact us by filling in the form or via Mmessager on Facebook

The customer service staff will contact you for the first time during working hours, please also inform you of the installation environment and the idea of the deodorization and sterilization program. After completing the trial application form, the light weight equipment can be delivered to your designated location by express delivery for a fee, and you will arrange qualified personnel to install the equipment. If you need P&G to assist in the installation, we will charge shipping and installation fees based on the situation.

For stainless steel heavy equipment such as OWS, we may negotiate with you about freight and installation costs separately. In addition, please feel free to contact us about our company’s installation and effect measurement.

 * BioSure Professional provides a free trial service. This service can only be determined by checking the scheduling of the machine. BioSure Professional reserves the right to make the final lease decision.