How Ozonated Water Cuts Energy Costs and Improves Quality of Life at Nursing Homes

The Problem

In Hong Kong, housing for the elderly has become a big issue for both families of the elderly and city planners. Due to an aging population, the demand for nursing homes in Hong Kong is exploding. According to Hong Kong Population Projections, the number of elderly people aged 65 or older will reach 2.58 million by 2064, making up around 36 percent of the population. As of 2017, there are 32,316 nursing homes or senior care centers in Hong Kong. Maintaining comfortable living standards for residents in senior centers has also become a huge challenge, as many of these senior care centers are understaffed and overcrowded.

One of the biggest issues nursing home facilities face in keeping quality of life up to standards for their residents is keeping odors under control. Despite electricity and water for these facilities being subsidized by the local government, nursing home staff in Hong Kong still have to deal with the monumental task and cost of controlling odors that can seep through and contaminate entire floors. This is because many elderly residents are unable to control bowel movements and cannot reach bathrooms on time.

Odors from bowel movements attach themselves to clothes and linens. While they do get washed in extremely hot water for disinfection (up to 170 degrees celsius), odors can remain after a wash. Thus, these nursing homes needed a more effective solution.

The Solution

Ozonated water used in laundry wash cycles has the ability to not only disinfect water and linens by killing bacteria and viruses, but it’s also extremely effective in combating odors. In Hong Kong, more than 100 Ozone Water systems (OWS Series) from BioSure Professional have been installed in nursing homes and senior care centers. These OWS units can be easily attached to laundry water lines without taking up too much space. 

The OWS works by infusing tap water with a concentration of ozone that results in an ozonated water solution that is effective against bacteria and odors while also being safe for human contact. 

On top of this, ozonated water from OWS units doesn’t leave chemical residues as bleach does. It only takes a concentration of 0.8 to 1.2 ppm of ozonated water to disinfect linens and clothes, which OWS units can consistently and efficiently supply.

The OWS Series from Biosure – Revolutionizing Laundry

The OWS from Biosure eliminates odors in laundry from mildew, bowel movements, and other odors — for cleaner, softer, and longer-lasting linens. The system improves washing results, helps sanitize linens, and helps keep laundry machines mildew and odor-free. The OWS helps reduce the usage of chemicals, keeping chemical residues and pungent chemical odors out of nursing homes and leaving a lighter touch on the environment.

The WDS Cuts Energy Costs for Nursing Homes

In the UK, a report by the Competition Markets Authority estimates that over 1.3 million businesses are overpaying for energy, resulting in approximately £500 million each year in additional profits for energy suppliers. Without the need for extremely hot water to disinfect linens in the wash, energy costs are greatly reduced for nursing homes, with these resources available to be allocated where they are needed most.

The OWS Series is Easy to Use

By simply connecting the unit to the existing water input, the system will turn ordinary tap water into an effective and safe sanitation solution. Ozonated water acts as a natural sanitizer for improving hygiene and reducing cross-contamination. The WDS improves laundry and machine sanitation while naturally eliminating odors. 

The WDS Saves Time for Nursing Home Staff

Ozonated water via OWS units from Biosure has come as a relief for nursing home staff. These employees tend to work up to 72 hours a week, as there aren’t enough nursing home employees to handle the increasing number of residents. Measuring chemical based detergents in laundry takes time, as it means carefully measuring concentrations — a process prone to human error that can cause overuse of dangerous chemicals or underuse of chemicals causing no effect. 

Now, these overworked employees can save time by automating the linen disinfection and odor-removal process. But the real benefits are enjoyed by the senior care residents, as the units keep odors under control, significantly improving quality of life during their sunset years.

Final Thoughts

Through BES patented electrolytic ozone generation technology, Hong Kong nursing homes have been able to improve the quality of life for residents while relieving nursing home staff in keeping odors from contaminating these facilities and cutting energy costs. While there is still much work to be done in staffing and accommodating the tens of thousands of aging Hong Kongers, nursing homes can now rely on ozonated water to give these residents better places to live, and staff a better place to work.

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