Using Ozonated Water in Your Professional Cleaning Business

In a post-Covid world, professional cleaning businesses are starting to look for new methods to remove viral threats and provide better cleaning services. While ozonated water has been around for a century, it’s now emerging as an effective alternative to traditional cleaning agents due to it being a strong oxidant and an eco-friendly disinfection agent. Sanitization using ozone removes the need for dangerous chemical disinfectants and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sanitization products. Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is 50 times more effective. After the sanitization process ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules, without emitting any harmful by-products.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using ozonated water in your professional cleaning business, and answer some common questions related to ozonated water.

Benefits of Using Ozonated Water For Your Professional Cleaning Business 

Ozonated water has been used in the cleaning industry for many years. Its natural disinfectant properties and reactive nature make it a perfect sanitizing agent for your cleaning business. Cleaning companies often use hazardous and potentially harmful chemical products for their jobs, however, ozonated water has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for green and sustainable cleaning businesses that don’t put employees or the environment at risk. Ozone and its benefits are well known within the industry, which is one reason why you should use ozonated water within your business. 


We often overlook the damage our business practices cause to the environment. A high volume of chemicals is discarded within the cleaning industry, which often ends up in sewage lines and into our rivers. As the O3 (ozone) molecule fails to maintain its chemical bond at room temperature, the electrolytic ozone generator is essentially returning water back into the environment. The reactivity of the O3 reverts ozonated water back to its regular, harmless form. 

It’s Cost-Effective 

Recurring expenses of a cleaning business may include cleaning chemicals and safety equipment. These accumulate over time and may lead to significant costs for your cleaning business. Working with ozonated water saves money because it does not require the constant re-stocking of chemical cleaning agents. The creation of ozonated water only requires a purchase of an electrolytic ozone generator, with a lifespan of two years.

It’s safe for employees 

Cleaning businesses take on a multitude of cleaning jobs, from homes, offices, industrial spaces, vehicles, and more. These tasks require manpower, and the risk of employee sickness is high. According to the 美國勞工部, cleaning business employees face hazards in the workplace that can have adverse effects on their health over time.

There are a large number of pending workplace compensation lawsuits within the cleaning industry. The most efficient way to improve workplace safety is by using ozonated water that can be up to 100 times safer than any other chemical disinfectant. Furthermore, ozonated water is odor-free, meaning that your employees will not become sick from strong odors. It really is the best option for a healthier workplace. 

A Practical Approach

Ozonated water is created with the help of an electrolytic ozone generator from BES/Biosure. These generators are available in small sizes that are lightweight and easily transportable. Using ozone generators in your cleaning business will not result in any extra training or mixing of multiple chemical cleaning agents. Using ozonated water may also improve the quality and outcome of your work.

High Efficiency 

Ozonated water is 3,000 times faster than chlorine and other cleaning chemicals, which is why it is considered to be a highly efficient cleaning solution. Furthermore, ozonated water can be quickly formed on site. This means that your cleaning team can work more efficiently, and complete twice the amount of work than with regular cleaning equipment. 

Is Ozonated Water Effective as a Disinfectant? 

When considering its disinfectant properties, ozonated water is often compared with bleach. However, unlike bleach, ozonated water does not leave harmful chemical residues or leave unpleasant odors. In fact, ozonated water is used to eliminate odors in the air. Its robust oxidation properties mean it can quickly kill germs, bacteria, and viruses — including Covid-19. One ppm of chlorine at water level with a ph of 7 would require a dwell time of 75 minutes whereas 1 ml of ozonated water under the same conditions would require only 57 minutes. 

Can Ozonated Water Kill COVID-19? 

A recent study from Nara University in Japan has proven that ozonated water from BES ozone generators can neutralize the COVID-19’s virus host on surfaces. Professional cleaning businesses that use ozonated water can offer their customers surface-area protection against the virus that has infected millions and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide.

Is Ozonated Water For Professional Cleaning Businesses Safe?

There are some common misconceptions that using ozonated water as a disinfection agent may not be safe. Although the idea of using liquid infused with ozone may be surprising, ozone is a natural gas that is present within the planet’s upper atmosphere. Creating and infusing it with water has no harmful effects to humans. Ozonated water is a liquid that reverts back to oxygen within minutes. While the liquid is still present, its ratio to the natural oxygen in the air is significantly low, making it safe for people. 

In Conclusion

Ozonated water has tremendous benefits in the cleaning industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, cleaning businesses are seeing a significant increase in demand and in the need for effective and chemical-free disinfectants, and thus big opportunities to implement ozonated water in your cleaning business. If you want to know more, visit

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