Five-Star Hotel Chain Uses the BioSure Ozone OWS-1 to Keep Guests Safe and Improve Sanitation Efficiency


International five-star hotel chains serve thousands of guests a day in their restaurants, bars and coffee shops. A prominent chain was looking to streamline their sanitation processes to keep food from their busy central kitchens safe for their guests. While they had an effective standard operating procedure (SOP) in place, they faced several problems. 

First, after sanitizing kitchen surfaces with chemical disinfectants, an extra rinse of clean water was needed to wash away leftover residues. But even after a thorough rinse, these chemical residues were still found from the use of pungent chlorine-based disinfectants. Kitchen staff were required to mix precise quantities of chemicals disinfectants, a time-consuming process that’s prone to human error due to the meticulous process of mixing a cocktail of chemicals on a regular basis. If these chemicals aren’t mixed properly, they could be too strong and find their way into food, resulting in guests and employees falling ill, and potential legal trouble.


Driven by a pursuit to bring the best customer experiences and improve employee efficiency, the hotel chain installed the BioSure OWS-1 central ozone sanitation system and implemented it into their disinfection workflow. It works by infusing tap water with a concentration of ozone of 4.0ppm to 0.6ppm, depending on the flow of ozone water. This has helped the hotel chain meet the stringent requirements of HACCP standards.

The OWS-1 was implemented in the washing of ingredients during food processing, as well as in disinfection of cutting boards and other food prep surfaces. It’s also used for large area cleaning and disinfection of central kitchens.

The BioSure OWS-1 can produce high-concentration ozone water used for pre-disinfection in the treatment areas. It has several applications, including:

  1. Disinfecting large amounts of lettuce during food processing and helping degrade pesticide residues
  2. Removing fishy odors in raw seafood
  3. It’s used while cleaning knives, helping to prevent cross-infection of ingredients
  4. Quickly and effectively disinfecting surfaces and improving food safety 

The BioSure OWS-1 is ready to use without additional storage space required to hold large amounts of chemicals. It automatically generates an effective concentration of ozone water without the need to worry about the risk of human error in the manual deployment of disinfectants.


The hotel’s executive chef is very happy with the implementation of the BioSure OWS-1. “BioSure helped me and the kitchen staff complete our work more efficiently than ever. After installing OWS-1, we have been able to reduce the use of chemical agents.” said the head chef “This means avoiding human error, reducing training time and costs, and automating sanitation at different stages. This has made our work easier and more efficient, and at the same time safer.”

The BioSure OWS-1 effectively sanitizes without leaving chemical residues. After the ozonation process is completed, only oxygen and water are left, which does not affect the safety of personnel and is beneficial to the environment over the long term. The hotel chain has shown how they value their customers, their team members, and while pursuing corporate goals of environmental sustainability.

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