Removing Pet Odors at Home with Misting Ozone

Pet odors are an annoyance for the majority of dog and cat parents. We love our pets and so we tolerate odors, but the foul smells can become a nuisance if we are constantly spraying and wiping down carpets and furniture where dogs lie. Pet owners with more than one dog may find that the fight against odor is an uphill battle and simply get used to the smell. However, there are solutions that don’t require constant dog baths or chemical cleaning agents to keep the good air quality in your home. Ozonated water and misting ozone through the Space Sanitizer System (SSS+) by BioSure Professional has given pet owners a reason to rejoice for being an easy, effective, and environmentally friendly solution to pet odors at home. 

Why Do Dogs Smell Bad ?

Dogs produce a natural oil that helps protect their skin. This is a large part of the source of your dog’s persistent bad smell. Dogs with longer fur may keep these odors around on their fur, and transfer them onto carpets, sofas, the doggy bed, and even your hand after you pet him. 

Giving your dog a bath is not an ideal solution. It’s time-consuming, and expensive if you send your furry friend to the pet groomers. And the more frequently you wash your dog, the more you are washing away the protective oil on his skin. 

Other Sources of Dog Odors

Odors from your dog can come from a variety of sources besides his natural protective oils. Make sure to take your dog to the vet if the source of the odor is persistent. Some of these odors include:

  • Gas: Dogs passing gas is a sign of a food allergy. If the problem persists, there could be a larger underlying problem and a visit to the vet should be arranged.
  • Atopy: A diet high in carbohydrates and processed food can cause your pet to have food allergies that sometimes cause inflammation of the skin. This leads to excessive secretion of oil from certain glands in the skin and a foul smell.
  • Ear Infections: Bacteria and yeast that causes ear infections can result in malodor. Floppy-eared dogs like Basset Hounds may have consistent ear problems if the ears are not kept clean and dry.
  • Anal Sacs: If your dog is seen “scooting”, it’s likely due to problems with the anal sac, or the glad that dogs have on their bottom that other dogs sniff. If the gland is bumped, it can produce a potent and foul-smelling secretion that stays on his fur. 

The dangers of using chemicals to remove pet odors

There are strong chemical sanitizers on the market promoted to remove pet odors. Some of these include bleach-like chemicals. While these may be effective in the short term, using them is effectively replacing one odor with another — the pungent chemical smell of alcohol and chlorine in your home.  On top of this, studies have shown that exposing humans to these chemical odors over time can cause health conditions including asthma, and contribute to some forms of cancer. If you have a second or third pet, then the issue is compounded and the need for continuously spraying down your home with chemicals gets out of hand. If you have young kids in the house, they will be repeatedly exposed to chemical cleaners and can develop health problems in childhood and later in life. 

Misting ozone kills pet odors

Ozonated water is the infusion of ozone into water. Ozonation is an oxidation process that produces reactive oxygen that can attack and eliminate a wide range of organic compounds and microorganisms. Ozonated water has numerous applications for the disinfection and degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants. 

Electrolytic ozone generation

The electrolytic ozone generation method is a groundbreaking method that uses electricity to subject oxygen (O2) to an electric voltage and create ozonated water. This new infused sanitation solution has dozens of applications for home and commercial use across industries.

The Space Sanitizing System (SSS+) by BioSure Professional is a revolutionary ozone generation system that releases ozonated water as a fine mist into the air. This misting ozone is a powerful disinfection agent that’s capable of disinfecting microbes, bacteria, and viruses in a room by effectively releasing this powerful disinfection agent into all corners of a room at home, office, or commercial space. It’s safe for humans and pets due to its low concentration of ozone of 0.05 to 0.1 ppm (complying with the OSHA occupational safety regulations) while still effective in killing bacteria and viruses — including Covid-19. It can also be used as a humidifier.

The SSS+ is remarkable in removing pet odors thanks to the oxidation properties of misting ozone. As pet odors are caused by organic properties, ozonated water is perfect for attacking and oxidizing malodor at the source by reacting with odor molecules and transferring the “extra” oxygen atom of the ozone molecule to the odor molecule — immediately breaking down and aiding in the dissipation of these odors.

Say goodbye to chemical cleaning agents 

With misting ozone from the BioSure SSS+, you and your loved ones no longer need to be exposed to chemical cleaning agents like bleach and cleaning alcohol. Simply switch on the SSS+ and let the misting ozone do its job. After the ozone dissipates it turns back to oxygen, leaving no chemical residue or odors. It’s safe for you and your kids, and safe for the environment too.

Leave pet odors in the past

Many pet parents have accepted dog odors as part of the ups and downs of owning a pet. Others constantly spray alcohol and chlorine on their furniture, leaving a perpetual chemical odor in the air. With the SSS+, pet owners finally have a third and ideal option that keeps the home smelling fresh without the hassle. Visit the BioSure official website to learn more about the SSS+.

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