Post Filtration Disinfection System for Commercial Waterline Hygiene Application

Model: EOS7177-B

Pathogen Control

including E.Coli and Legionella


dissolved ozone turns to oxygen after killing bacteria


Removal & Prevention

Costs Saving

Labor & Chemical Costs


and waterline disinfection

Post-Filtration Disinfection System

PFDS protects against pathogens in the beverage water line. Simply connect the unit to an existing, filtered water input and the system will turn the water into an efficient and safe sanitizer. The process and results are chemical-free.

The PFDS is designed to use a revolutionary EOG technology replacing conventional UV or chemical dosing treatment for water and waterlines sanitation. Ozone will dissolve naturally into oxygen leaving no chemical residues in the water. This safe process reduces overall operating costs and is environmentally friendly.

Automatic & on-demand sanitation

Easy integration into the existing water supply

Notification for service

Timerflow switch dual control methods

Turning water into powerful natural sanitizer


PFDS vs UV light Sanitation

BioSure Professional PFDS uses patented electrolytic ozone to provide instant and residual-free sanitation with simple installation.

This easy-to-use system can keep beverage makers, water coolers, or dental unit waterlines clean and safe.




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