Ice Disinfection System

effective, safe, and environmentally friendly ice sanitation for many commercial hygiene applications

Model: EOS7170


and mold prevention


Maintain ice hygiene at all times




water, evaporator, basin, and food zone


to ice machines

Costs Saving

Eliminates periodic weekly cleaning leading to cost savings


and no residuals


Legionella control in healthcare and aged care facilities

Ice Disinfection System

Introducing the all-new 4th generation Ice Disinfection System from BioSure Professional. IDS provides high performance, reliability, and is now more cost-effective with an outstanding ROI.

Fully automatic sanitation is designed to eliminate the hassle of routine weekly cleaning and reduces the need for conventional periodic chemical sanitation. Tested by a leading independent laboratory for long-lasting performance and safety IDS gives professional operators peace of mind when it comes to sanitation.

IDS provides the best quality hygiene to ice and ice makers at any time and every time. Ensuring confidence in ice hygiene has never been more simple.

Adjustable dosage according to ice machine capacity and water quality

Patented Electrolytic Ozone Generation technology

Fully automatic

Wall-mounted or Ice panel-mounted ice machines

Low off-gas meets OSHA standard

No change to water pH and non-corrosive to the ice machine

No water wastage

NOx free along with no other harmful by-products




Ozonated Water Solutions

For Healthcare

For Beverage

For Catering

3rd Party Lab Approved

Test Report & Research

Approval & Certifications

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ozone water affect the taste of food?

No, the BioSure professional ozone water system will not change the pH of the source water, as long as the tap water is neutral water, BioSure produces neutral ozonated water, and it will be reduced to oxygen and water after sanitation. Therefore, it will not remain like chlorine disinfectant and affect the taste of food.

Does the ice maker need to be washed again once IDS has been installed?

We don’t need to clean the ice machine against bacteria, but if there is a problem with scaling, we still have to descale regularly.

Can the ice cubes produced by ozone be eaten? Will there be residual problems?

Basically, the half-life of ozone is very short. When we want to use ice, ozone has turned into oxygen in the ice.

What happens if ozonated water touches the skin and mouth?

BioSure Professional ozonated water is been approved by the third party lab SGS that it won’t cause any irrtation of human skin and mouth.

What should I notice before installing IDS?

If your ice machine has been purchased for more than 3 years and has not been cleaned during the period, then we will recommend: clean it all before installing it to ensure the best performance of the product.

How long is the replacement cycle for consumables of IDS?

About 13 months, 9600 hours (the generator needs to be replaced about once a year) There is an external water tank, which needs to be filled with pure water once a year.

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Featured Case Studies

Ozone for the Beverage Industry

Major Teashop Chain

A major tea shop chain in South Asia installed BioSure product IDS for sanitation in their tea shop, as humid weather left water lines susceptible to bacteria growth. They were using chlorine to clean the water lines but when they did not pass a government test for bacteria levels, they had to take action. Once installing ozone water system IDS, these issues were resolved. Ozone water disinfection is suitable for use in tea and coffee shops, and companies can even save time and money on disinfecting and equipment. Furthermore, ozone water does not affect the pH balance of water and causes no irritation to our mouths, noses, or skin.

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