Ozonated Water Sanitation on Yachts

If you own a yacht, congratulations! We’re sure it’s your pride and joy. These prized possessions give you freedom unlike anything else. Breathing in the fresh ocean air as you set sail is likely one of the reasons you made the investment in the first place. 

But yachts that haven’t been used for a while tend to develop a less-than-pleasant aroma. The last thing you want is to have friends and family on your yacht holding their noses as the cruise gets underway. 

Yachts are prone to odors due to the growth of mildew and mold. Sometimes even dangerous airborne bacteria can develop, which can harm passengers with sensitive respiratory systems. Yacht owners don’t need to deal with this problem if they implement robust sanitation solutions to their yacht. Ozonated water has been used on yachts as a proven way to attack and neutralize such odors by eliminating bacteria and viruses. It can even neutralize the virus-host of COVID-19, preventing contact infection. 

Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as an eco-friendly sanitizer. Sanitization using ozone removes the need for harmful chemical disinfectants and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical sanitization products. Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is 50 times more effective. After the sanitization process ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules, without emitting any harmful by-products.

Using misting ozone via a space sanitizing system from BioSure can rid the vessel of unwanted smells, and tackle airborne pathogens.

Extending the Life of Your Yacht 

The estimated lifespan of a yacht is generally between five to twenty years. However, using ozonated water to care for the interior and exterior of your yacht may be able to prolong this. Disinfecting the water lines and regularly spraying ozonated water on surfaces using a BioSure ozone spray bottle (OSB) may extend its life by removing bacteria and biofilm that eat away at the core materials.  Ozonated water leaves no chemical residue behind as chlorine and other traditional chemical sanitizers do. Furthermore, using ozonated water to clean your yacht removes the need to store potentially harmful or even flammable cleaning chemicals onboard. 

What Is Ozonated Water?

Ozonated water is the triatomic form of oxygen. The process utilizes electrolytic ozone generators to infuse ozone into the water through electrolysis. Ozonated water has been used for hygiene and sanitation on yachts for decades, while its use for sanitizing municipal water goes back as far as 1893. 

Ozonated water was found to prevent yeast and mold growth in 1939 and has been used to help preserve food items since 1909. But ozone also has a long and storied history as a biocide agent that fights viruses, bacteria, and water-based pathogens. Ozonated water from BioSure electrolytic ozone generators has been scientifically proven to destroy viruses, including COVID-19, without causing harm to humans or animals. As ozone quickly dissipates back into regular oxygen, it can be safely sprayed on yacht furniture, protecting your boat’s interior from harmful microorganisms. 

Ozonated Water Removes Odors and Oxidizes Organic Material and Minerals

Some passengers complain of nausea while at sea. Seasickness is generally the cause, but harmful bacteria from fish, floodwater, and other sources may be another major culprit. The microbial disinfection qualities of ozonated water make it an excellent choice for fighting odors whilst simultaneously disinfecting yacht surfaces.

The bilge of the boat (the section that would rest on the ground if the vessel were not in water) is another place where unwanted foul odors can accrue. Water and runoff drainage into the bilge can also form stagnant puddles of water that attract mosquitoes. By adding ozonated water to the bilge and any water lines that connect to the bilge, you can rid your vessel of festering odors that might creep into other areas of the yacht.

As one of nature’s most powerful disinfectants, ozonated water is well-known for its oxidizing and sanitation properties that are powerful enough to oxidize heavy elements such as iron, and magnesium. When seawater enters a yacht, harmful levels of chemicals in the water also enter your boat. Ozonated water is the best chemical-free alternative for removing the byproducts of these chemicals.

Ozonated Water Maintains Air Conditioning Systems on Yachts 

Ozonated water generators keep yacht air conditioning systems in pristine condition. Sea air contains higher levels of salt and is often contaminated with other impurities, causing air-conditioning systems to develop fungus spores.

Having an ozone generator on the ship disinfects the air by eliminating airborne microbes, bacteria, and viruses, including COVID-19. Moreover, a Space Sanitizing System Plus (SSS+) unit that releases misting ozone can eliminate fungus spores that collect in the air conditioning systems of yachts, boosting their efficiency and lengthening the life of the units.

Ozonated Water on Yachts Keeps Your Furniture New 

Another downside of sanitizing your yacht with traditional cleaning agents is that chemicals may eat away at its furniture. Many yacht enthusiasts spend a significant amount of time and money buying premium furniture for their yachts. However, consistent use of industrialized chemicals leads to faded furniture colors, making a once shiny interior look drab and dull. Ozonated water is an aqueous sanitizing agent that is 3,000 times stronger than bleach. However, it does not corrode surfaces as it kills bacteria and keeps your yacht interior looking new. 

Ozonated Water Leaves No Trace

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of ozonated water is that it leaves no chemical residue behind. Ozonated water leaves no pungent chemical odors that can be harmful to you and your passengers. It simply reverts back to oxygen after the disinfection process.

A Non-Flammable Sanitizing Agent for Yachts 

Mainstream disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals are often flammable. Ozonated water, in comparison, is completely safe and 100 percent non-flammable. Moreover, ozonated water quickly reverts to regular water in just minutes. This process makes ozone the best disinfectant choice for yacht owners and for the environment.

In Conclusion

Acquiring a yacht is a milestone. Strong odors, mold, or chemical residue should not be a reason to postpone yacht trips with friends or loved ones. By using a BES BioSure electrolytic ozone generator, yacht owners are giving their yacht a robust disinfection solution for their prized possession. BES Group is a leading manufacturer of ozone generators that produce high-quality ozonated water. Find out if an ozone generator is right for your yacht by visiting our website

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