How Ozonated Water Keeps Your Ice-Maker Sanitized

Ozonated water is the ideal solution for any ice maker, and ozone-treated water is now easy to obtain with commercial ozone generators (Ice Disinfection System). BioSure’s patented Ice Machine Disinfection System uses electrolytic ozone generation technology to generate ozone-dissolved water with adjustable ozone levels. The system can also be integrated with your ice machine’s incoming water line, transforming your existing water supply into high-concentration antibacterial disinfection water. 

BioSure’s patented technology produces ozone, the strongest food-grade disinfectant approved by the FDA. When integrated with an ice machine under clean settings, the resulting ice is completely disinfected and free of microorganisms, including E. coli, bacteria, et al. Ozonated water converted to solid ice is 100% safe for consumption and use in high-quality drinks and food industry products. Additionally, using O3 solid ice is among the best methods for the cold storage of food products as the ozone treatment helps maintain high levels of hygiene and prolongs freshness.

Ozone – More Than Just Safe

Using aqueous ozone provides numerous benefits for ice manufacturers, as well as and food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, catering services, central kitchens, and hotels. BioSure’s Ozone Ice Machine Disinfection Systems ensures safe, and clean edible ice cubes, and makes the sanitation of ice-making equipment simple and effective. Benefits from using ozonated ice in the food industry include:

  1. Cost-saving
    Ozone ice reduces costs associated with cleaning crews that use chemical solutions to stop microbial growth. Instead of training workers in methods of keeping commercial ice machines sanitized with harsh chemicals, ozone water treatment is a one-stop solution for safe and clean ice machines — including commercial ice machines — and ice storage bins that hold formed ice. The ozone microbubbles created when water is infused with gaseous ozone effectively clean cracks and crannies that might otherwise be neglected and turn into breeding spots for microbial growth.
  2. Ozone is faster and better at killing microbes
    Ozone eliminates bacteria faster than traditional disinfectants like chlorine and is some 50 times more effective at doing so, making the purchase of an ozone-treated water system a smart investment for any business in the food industry. Ozone from a BioSure system is also generated onsite, again saving costs and lessening the environmental impacts of storing, transporting, and distributing chemicals.
  3. Reduced risks
    Even after thorough training, people sometimes still make mistakes in the processes of mixing chemicals for cleaning. Such mistakes can result in toxic chemical reactions and or chemical residue. Cleaning crews could potentially damage ice machines by regularly cleaning them by hand. Ozone eliminates these risks in one swoop.
  4. More environmentally friendly
    Ozone will revert back to oxygen (in ozone gas bubbles) and no harmful substances are created after the reaction. Ozone generation leaves no chemical residue, and it has no taste or smell after reverting back to oxygen. Ozone generation has no effect on the pH balance of water and causes no negative effects or irritation to your mouth, nose, or skin. The producing process that creates O3 has no known carcinogenic byproducts, allowing it to be discharged directly without causing any environmental pollution. And remember, “residual ozone” is simply pure oxygen!
  5. Reliability
    When considering the alternatives, an ozone treatment system is clearly the best choice for the future growth of businesses that serve cold beverages; be they cafes, restaurants, or bars. Such establishments have a legal responsibility to keep their customers safe, but having a customer become sick from contaminated ice is more than just a legal issue. All the hard years of work you’ve put into building your brand and reputation could be irredeemably dented by something as tiny as a microscopic amount of bacteria. But those business owners who use ozone need not worry about E. coli or microbial growth as ozonated water and ozonated ice are 100 percent free of such pathogens. Ozone is a solution that allows both business owners and customers to have peace of mind when enjoying a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Aside from commercial ice machines, ozone is used in many other fields as well, including in the food sanitation industry as well as for medical, and dental applications among others. In the electrolytic ozone manufacturer field, BioSure Professional provides professional solutions that apply advanced ozone technologies in food safety and hygiene, water treatment, healthcare, and other industries. BioSure’s products are committed to providing safe and effective food safety and hygiene solutions to minimize food safety risks. To learn more about BioSure’s ozone ice machine systems, please visit our official website:

BioSure: Innovative technology built to work, and built to last

Biotek Environmental Science Ltd (BES Group) has been developing electrolytic technology to produce highly concentrated dissolved ozone and high purity hydrogen for both household and professional applications since the firm was established in 1988. Our goal is to improve the environment that we live in by utilizing the benefits of our superior electrolytic technology. Our products are categorized into three categories and brands. Powered by BES® as an original design manufacturer, BioSure Professional® for commercial applications, and Biolux® for home.

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