Misting Ozone Kills Covid-19 and Keeps Your Office Air Fresh & Safe for People

The total number of Covid-19 cases is approaching 83 million worldwide. Until a vaccine is available, we will have to continue to vigorously wash our hands, keep social distancing, and wear masks. While we can do that when we are out and about, there are some settings where social distancing is unfeasible. And like it or not, sometimes we have to share the same surfaces and breathe the same air.

Offices, hotels, and vets require more than just regular hand washing to keep themselves and customers safe. They need a continuous disinfection system that can eliminate COVID-19. One that performs it’s job non-stop but is also harmless to us. Ozone mist does just that.

Ozone Mist: A Covid-19 Terminator

Ozone is proven to be an effective Covid-19 disinfectant in low concentrations. According to researchers at Fujita Health University, ozone in concentrations of 0.05 to 0.1 ppm can neutralize COVID-19 particles while remaining harmless to humans. Based on these results, researchers suggested that low concentration ozone can be applied to hospital settings, such as waiting and examination rooms.

Apart from its powerful disinfectant qualities, ozone is also a strong odor remover. Ozone reacts with odor molecules and, through oxidation, eliminates these odor molecules. As soon as this oxidation happens, the ozone transforms into pure water, leaving the air odor-free and chemical-free.

Benefits of Constant Ozone Disinfection

Continuous ozone mist disinfection can ensure that viral levels in the room are consistently minimized. The determining factor of whether a person falls sick from Covid-19 is the viral loads present in that person. That is the actual amount of Covid-19 virus in a person’s body. By minimizing environmental virus count, we can minimize the chance of contracting Covid-19. With ozone’s odor-removing qualities, misting continuously also ensures fresh air for optimal staff productivity and a better customer experience.

An Ideal System for a Safe and Fresh Environment

The BioSure Space Sanitizer System Plus (SSS+) is a disinfection machine and humidifier that uses patented electrolytic oxidation technology to produce a safe, moisturized ozone mist that keeps rooms well disinfected and odorless.

What Is Electrolytic Ozone?

Electrolytic ozone is a cutting-edge, patented technology that produces ozone from normal water without creating any by-products. This ozone is a strong disinfectant that kills 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, including COVID-19. During this process, toxic inorganic compounds are also eliminated by oxidation. Ozone from this process releases turns back into oxygen, resulting in sanitized water with inactive oxidized pathogens.

Chemical-Free and Safe

The Biosure SSS Plus provides low-concentration ozone that is harmless to humans. It is safe for toddlers as well as the elderly. It works by distributing this low-concentration ozone into the air in mist form, reaching all corners of a room and providing blanket disinfection for space. As an extra precaution, the system will also automatically shut down when people get too close.

In addition to these built-in safety designs, the Biosure SSS Plus runs solely on water and electricity. The ozone produced using this method releases no nitrogen oxides or any other chemical by-products. All of these advantages make the Biosure SSS Plus the safest, simplest, and most environmentally friendly way of sanitizing a room or space.

Better Air Quality, and a Better Experience

The Biosure SSS Plus ozone misting system is an all-round air quality improver. Other than disinfecting the room and keeping you safe during the global pandemic, it removes foul-smells and comes with a humidification function. Dry air is a known trigger for asthma and can cause skin dry skin and other skin problems. The BioLux system has a single button design that can solve these problems with a switch.

Ozone Mist is Effective and Efficient

The Biosure SSS Plus can effectively sanitize up to 150 square meters, the size of the average lobby or waiting area. The ozone produced by this system can remove bacteria and viruses at a rate 3000 times faster than chlorine. According to studies, ozone is effective at killing COVID-19 in especially humid environments, another reason the Biosure SSS Plus features a humidification function. While ozone freshens the air up, the machine humidifies the room, helping beef up the ozone mist’s potency. 

A Safe and Comfortable Space for Your Staff and Customers

A cleaner space means better health for employees and customers. Business owners have a responsibility to do their best to keep employees and customers safe during the pandemic. Keeping the workplace disinfected and staff healthy ensures business can run as usual.

Ozone for Offices

Offices are one of the most high-risk environments to catch COVID-19. An average office worker spends eight hours in the office in close contact with dozens of people. Office sick leave chains can easily start without a reliable and thorough sanitizing system to constantly disinfect the office. Implementing ozone mist in office meeting rooms and elevators can help ensure the health and productivity of employees. 

Ozone for Hotels

Ozone mist is a perfect solution for hotel sanitization in central kitchens, guest rooms, lobbies, and other areas where guests and staff congregate. With the Biosure SSS Plus, not only can ozone mist reduce the number of pathogens in your hotel rooms, but it also provides fresh and humidified air for guests. It also has a boost mode that produces a higher concentration of ozone mist. The boost mode allows for a deep cleanse after guests leave.

Ozone for Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary centers can significantly benefit from an odor-removing and humidifying disinfection system in their practices. The Biosure SSS Plus can pump out low concentration ozone mist continuously. The ozone dose is safe for vets, animals, and pet parents. Employing the system in veterinary centers can eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and odors that pets can be prone to spreading.

In the midst of a pandemic, extra precaution is needed when it comes to workplace cleanliness and sanitation. If one person falls sick, the whole business can be at risk. An effective ozone mist system could prevent this tragedy. The BioSure Space Sanitizer System is the best ozone mist distributor for the safest, easiest, and most efficient way to disinfect and freshen your environment.

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