How Ozone is Revolutionizing Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning businesses are hired to clean everything from schools, homes, public toilets, and more. Cleaning and disinfecting are vital for reducing the spread of viruses that can live on surfaces for hours to days. Adequate cleaning and disinfection are crucial during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and surfaces must be properly maintained to prevent the spread of infection. 

The demand for professional cleaning services has increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fast spreading virus has killed over 3 million people worldwide and is showing no signs of retreating. As such, professional cleaning is now viewed as a necessity, not an option. 

Ozone is a strong oxidant that is also a natural sanitizer. Sanitization using ozone water acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is 50 times more effective. Cleaning with ozone water removes the need for dangerous chemical disinfectants, and does not leave behind any nasty residue. 

Ozone water is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sanitization products. After the sanitization process, ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules without emitting any harmful by-products.


Is Ozone Water Suitable for Professional Cleaning?

Ozonated water is a highly suitable alternative to traditional sanitizer products used in professional cleaning. Ozone water has natural disinfectant properties and its reactive nature makes it a perfect sanitizing agent for professional cleaning. Ozone water is versatile and can be used anywhere from hospitals to office spaces. 

Ozone water cleaning does not leave any chemical residue behind, nor does it emit any toxic gases or harmful chemical byproducts as traditional chemical cleaners do. As ozone molecules cannot maintain their chemical bond at room temperature, ozonated water treatment reverts back to oxygen instead of harmful chemical residue.

Ozone Water Products from BioSure Professional

Water Disinfection System

Highly concentrated ozone water is a natural oxidant that disinfects quickly and efficiently. The Water Disinfection System (WDS) from BioSure turns regular tap water into a natural sanitizer. The WDS integrates into existing water lines and uses a unique electrolysis ozone water treatment method to produce the highest ozone water concentration available.

In professional cleaning, the WDS also can be integrated into laundry machines. Ozone water treatment for laundry disinfects and reduces the risk of spreading infectious microorganisms that are found on soiled clothing and linen. Using ozone to sanitize fabric lowers the survival rate of pathogens. It also kills dangerous microorganisms and helps eliminate mildew in washing machines, preventing strong odors.

Space Sanitizer System Plus 

The Space Sanitizer System Plus (SSS+) is a device that releases misted ozonated water into the environment. It is suitable for continuous use and protects entire rooms from airborne viruses and diseases. 

The SSS+ device can be used in crowded areas such as classrooms or hospitals. The ozone water mist directly kills bacteria on contact, resulting in a sanitized environment for all. Ozone is odorless and tasteless, meaning that patients or students will be unaware that an SSS+ system is even installed. 

Ozone water leaves behind no chemical residue This prevents the spread of infection by killing 99.99% of surface bacteria without harming delicate clothing or skin.

Professional Ozone Spray Bottle

The Professional Ozone Spray Bottle (OSB) is a revolutionary device that converts regular tap water into antibacterial ozone water with the push of a button. 

The OSB can be used in many professional cleaning applications, for example surface cleaning in workplaces or furniture cleaning in hospitals. It is fast and easy to use, and takes just 5 seconds to kill 99.99% of bacteria. At just 308g it is easily transportable and suitable for professional cleaning staff to use on the go.

Benefits of Ozonated Water in Professional Cleaning


Protection against COVID-19

A recent study from Nara University in Japan has confirmed that ozonated water from BioSure ozone water generators can neutralize the COVID-19 virus on surfaces. Surface cleaning with BioSure ozone water can protect against the virus that continues to kill thousands of people every day worldwide. Professional cleaning services that use BioSure ozone water are guaranteed to use the highest ozone water concentration available.

Safe for employees 

Employee safety should be a major concern for professional cleaning businesses, especially as the risk of employee sickness and injury is high. Professional cleaning staff are exposed to hazards that may adversely affect their health over time. Traditional cleaning products can cause chemical burns, respiratory problems or even blindness if used incorrectly. Furthermore, cleaning products must be stored correctly to avoid harmful leakages or even chemical explosions. 

Using ozonated water is up to 100 times safer than any other chemical disinfectant, as it does not emit any harmful by-products that can be ingested. Ozone water is even safe for asthma sufferers, as it reverts back to oxygen within minutes. Ozone water contains no harmful chemical additives, meaning that it will not cause chemical burns upon contact with skin or eyes. It does not have to be ‘stored’, as the ozone water generator is installed into the existing water line, or purchased as a separate unit.

Effective Disinfectant Properties

BioSure products only require electricity and an existing waterline to produce ozone water. Ozone water is chemical-free, and there are no additional chemical additives required. Ozone water has the disinfectant properties of bleach, however, a benefit of ozonated water is that it does not leave behind harmful chemical residues or unpleasant odors. 

Ozone water systems are used to eliminate airborne odors, and its robust oxidation properties means it can quickly kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Ozone is safe for the environment as it simply reforms into oxygen molecules after the sanitization process, without emitting any harmful by-products.


Recurring expenses for professional cleaning include chemicals, mops and gloves, and other safety equipment. These accumulate over time, leading to significant costs for cleaning businesses. 

Ozonated water is a cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical products as it does not require any special equipment – only the one-off purchase of an ozone water treatment system.

Viruses can live on surfaces for hours or even days. The outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that people are taking hygiene and surface cleanliness more seriously than ever before, and professional cleaning is becoming increasingly important. There are many benefits to using ozone water as a disinfectant, and it can even neutralize the COVID-19 virus host on surfaces. The strong sanitizing properties of ozone water, and versatile product range from BioSure, means that there is an ozone water solution for every type of professional cleaning.