Which Ozone Spray Bottle Is for You?

Ozonated water at high concentration is a powerful disinfection agent that you can use to disinfect your workplace or home. It’s used in multiple industries as a safe, chemical-free alternative to chlorine.  With the increase in demand for chemical-free disinfection, BES Group has developed two ozone spray bottles that can turn tap water into a potent disinfectant spray for professional and home use. The Multi-Purpose Ozone Bottle (MOB) by Biolux is for home use and the Professional Ozone Spray Bottle Pro (OSB Pro) by BioSure is for professional use. Before we dive into which of these is the best ozone spray for you, let’s answer the question, “what are ozone spray bottles?” 

What Are Ozone Spray Bottles? 

Ozone spray bottles are a revolutionary portable sanitizer 50 times more effective than chlorine. They convert regular tap water into a highly potent disinfectant through electrolysis. The process is conducted inside the bottle through electricity at the push of a button. 

Many products that claim to be ozone spray bottles are actually producing hypochlorous acid rather than ozone. In 2021, the government of Japan has begun cracking down on products that falsely claim to produce ozonated water.

The ozonated water generated by BES Groups spray bottles can kill bacteria and viruses from surfaces that they are sprayed on, with the ozonated water reverting to oxygen after use. Ozone spray bottles are easy to sanitize on the go. The market for ozone spray bottles is seeing increases by the day, as consumers demand more effective and environmentally friendly portable disinfection solutions. 

These handy spray bottles kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and are accepted by the US FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) unlike chemical alternatives. Ozonated water is also proven to kill Covid-19. BES Group has released two ozone spray bottles to choose from depending on the application. Here is a comparison of the ozone spray bottles to help you decide which is best for you. 

Professional Ozone Spray Bottle Pro (OSB) by BioSure

The second generation of this hand-held ozone spray bottles has a sleek design and a strong build quality that lasts for more than two years. The BioSure ozone spray bottle can charge up to 1800ml of water with ozone in 60 minutes. The bottle also has a rechargeable battery compartment. 

The OSB Pro by BioSure is a top-of-the-industry ozone spray bottle with robust disinfection features. It is used in central kitchens, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, and other businesses where surface contact can lead to virus and bacteria spread. The bottles are proven effective in killing Covid-19 after third-party tests were conducted in Winter 2020*. It has a sleek design that adds to the decor of the room. It is widely used in professional scenarios because of its robust stainless steel build quality, high concentration of ozone, and eye-catching design.

The Multi-Purpose Ozone Bottle by Biolux 

Biolux has released an ozone spray bottle for home and office use. If you’re a homeowner who wants to keep your furniture, appliances and surfaces safe from germs, the multi-purpose ozone bottle is for you. Not only is it effective in killing Covid-19, it is non-toxic, providing a safe environment for your family. 

The Multi-Purpose Ozone Bottle by Biolux allows you to disinfect surfaces at home as long as you have a water source. It can be filled with tap water that gets converted into a disinfectant spray with just the push of a button. This means substantial cost savings compared to buying and restocking alcohol-based disinfectant sprays.

How Do Ozone Spray Bottles Work? 

Ozone bottles work just like an electrolytic ozone generator but on a micro-level. When clean tap water is added, the ozone spray bottle starts the electrolysis process with the press of a button. Ozone generation takes less than ten minutes, producing a disinfectant that is 99.99% effective against bacteria and viruses. The BioSure and Biolux spray bottle both have an ambient light on its body that lights up when the electrolysis process is underway.

Ozone Spray Bottles for Professional Use 

Ozone spray bottles have been widely accepted in industries such as food and beverage, hotels, healthcare, and more. Due to Covid-19, disinfection has become a top priority in these settings to keep customers and employees safe. As businesses increasingly look for chemical-free disinfection solutions, the ozone spray bottles’ odorless disinfection solution can be sprayed anywhere without leaving pungent chemical odors. Below are several user scenarios for professional use of BES Group’s ozone spray bottles.

Ozone Spray Bottle Use in Restaurants 

Ozonated water oxidizes all forms of bacteria and viruses including Covid-19. As a spray, it can penetrate into hard to reach corners of the kitchen and disinfect equipment and utensils. A single spray can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just five seconds. 

  • The insides of restaurant fridges are often plagued with unpleasant odors. Ozone sprays eliminate these odors in less than a minute. 
  • The US FDA has approved the use of ozone spray to disinfect plates and utensils in restaurants.

Ozone Spray Bottle Use in Hotels

A hotel in Kapolei, Hawaii, uses ozone sprays to clean its rooms, kitchens, halls, and other areas to keep the coronavirus at bay. Ozone-based sanitation methods have ensured top quality sanitation for businesses amidst the pandemic.  

Ozone Spray Bottles in Bars

Ozone spray bottles are being widely used in bars to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Bars can be crowded during peak times, making it crucial to eliminate viral threats in these establishments. 

  • The 1029 bar in Minneapolis owned by Troy Olson uses ozone spray to disinfect their space before letting the customers inside. The process takes 60 minutes to thoroughly spray the entire area. 
  • Ozone spray is effective after a party to disinfect the area, removing odor, bacteria, and disinfecting the surface faster than chemical disinfectants on the market. 

Ozone Spray Bottles for Residential Use 

The Multi-Purpose Ozone Bottle by Biolux has been quickly gaining traction in the residential market. There are multiple ways people use ozone sprays in and out of their homes. 

Ozone Spray Bottle to Disinfect Your Car 

Your car can carry Covid-19. If you carpool or drive for Uber, you have a responsibility to keep your car disinfected. Car detailing services in Ogden, Utah, have been using ozone to keep their cars clean and disinfected during the pandemic. This quick solution not only keeps viruses at bay but also restores the life of your seat covers. 

Ozone Spray Can Kill Mold and Mildew 

Ozone spray has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its oxidation process is the strongest in the market. Using ozone spray can disinfect hard to reach nooks and crannies in your home. Ozone sprays have been known to mitigate the spread of mold and mildew. It is a robust disinfectant which can kill all forms of water-based pathogens. 

Final Verdict 

Ozone spray bottles are excellent disinfectant devices that can keep you and your family safe from bacteria and viruses at home. In professional settings they can be equally important for keeping customers and employees safe. In today’s uncertain times, we can never take enough precautions in keeping our loved ones safe. The BioSure and Biolux ozone spray bottles give you peace of mind to ensure you always have disinfectant handy, either at home or in the workplace. If you are looking for more information about the BioSure spray bottle, click here.