Sushi Express Keeps Seafood Fresh with BioSure Ozone Water Systems

The problem: Keeping Seafood Fresh

When it comes to customer food safety and sanitation, Sushi restaurants are different. The main issue they face is that the fish, seafood, and other ingredients need to be extra fresh. These restaurants must ensure the safety of seafood, from production to consumption, to avoid the risk of customers coming down with food-borne infection due to unsafe seafood. 

When chemical disinfectants are used, water needs to be added to dilute these chemicals. It’s a time-consuming process that is prone to human error, as it’s challenging to reach the right concentration of chemical disinfectants without the solution being too strong, or too diluted and ineffective. Additionally, these chemical  disinfectants are hard to clean completely, as they leave chemical residues with pungent odors and may impact the taste of the fresh food. Extra rinsing of these chemicals is required, this creates water waste issues and drives up utility costs.

The Solution 

The Biosure CSS (Compact Sanitation System) was implemented for this sushi restaurant to solve a number of issues. The CSS solution was chosen to save time, save water, avoid chances of cross contamination, and solve issues of concentration being too high or low — resulting in a solution that looks out for the health of customers.

The Biosure CSS (Compact Sanitation System) can quickly produce a high-level concentration of ozone water which can kill various types of pathogens, including staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, and more. The Biosure CSS is a user-friendly and high-efficiency electrolytic ozone generation system that works by just switching on the system to directly disinfect kitchen water lines. Additionally, it helps sushi restaurants decrease the dangers of using chemical sanitizing products, and helps cut down the storage space needed to store vats of chemical disinfectant.

The Results 

After choosing BioSure CSS as a sanitation solution, the sushi restaurant management and kitchen staff are very satisfied with the result. They feel at-ease about the food quality while they are using high-efficiency sanitation ozone water systems. Using BioSure CSS solves the main issues the restaurant was facing, for saving time by replacing the chemical disinfectant and reducing the need of manpower as well as the price of training employees. This has allowed the restaurant staff to focus on providing better service for customers and selling more fresh sashimi. At the same time, they also provide a clean and safe workplace for employees, maintaining a sustainable operation for their company without worrying about potentially harmful chemicals that could ruin the flavor of fresh seafood!


Why the CSS by Biosure is the preferred solution for Sushi Restaurants

  • Provides a fast and effective method for sterilization.
  • Complies with the HACCP standards
  • Connects with a water line, no need to store chemical sanitizing agents or manually dilute concentrations with water 
  • Assembling easily does not change all the operating modes.
  • Reduces the usage time of chemical disinfectant
  • Sanitizes completely without chemical residues and maintains the same taste of food
  • Easy to maintain